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Dr Alaina Taylor is experienced in performing breast revision procedures, using techniques appropriate to each individual patient.

Patients generally experience high satisfaction with their breast implant procedures. However, implants are synthetic, which means they do not last forever and will eventually require review and revision. Generally, breast implants have a longevity of about ten years until they need to be replaced. Breast revision is a surgical procedure designed to correct complications and dissatisfaction caused by past breast procedures and replace implants that have expanded their longevity. Removing or replacing the implants can rectifyxtural and aesthetic issues, improving the patient’s overall health and satisfaction.

Aside from implant replacement, there are various reasons patients seek a revision of their original breast procedures. Complications from past surgeries, changes in breast tissue, and age are all factors that commonly contribute to the decision. Some women also seek this procedure to increase or decrease the volume of their breasts and achieve a more refined size or shape to fit their preferences. Although most patients are happy with their initial breast implant procedure results, a minority of women may choose to have their implants removed due to no longer wanting implants. The system can rectify complications or issues from past breast surgeries, such as:

  • Implant rupture
  • Breakdown of the implant shell, causing the implant to leak
  • Capsular contracture caused by the tightening of skin tissue around the breast implant
  • Inconsistencies in breast shape or texture

Dr Alaina Taylor is experienced in performing breast revision procedures, using techniques appropriate to each patient to achieve optimal outcomes.


Every procedure is tailored to the patient’s needs and preferences to efficiently and effectively rectify the issues they seek to address through surgery. For this reason, a consultation will be necessary to determine your suitability and discuss any potential problems before you undergo breast revision surgery. This consultation will address your medical history, previous surgeries, and reasons for wanting a breast revision. Your condition will be assessed with your preferences and ideal outcomes to develop the most appropriate surgical approach. You will also be able to raise concerns or ask questions to ensure the procedure is correct for you.


Breast revision surgery may be ideal for women seeking to rectify implant issues or alter their implant shape, volume, or texture. Depending on the patient’s goals and requirements, the procedure offers a number of surgical options, including:

  • Breast implant removal and subsequent replacement
  • Explant (implant removal only)
  • Adjustment for pocket stability
  • Substituting implants for fat grafting

Once the correct approach has been determined to alleviate your concerns, you can begin preparing for the procedure. The surgery will usually take one to two hours but this can depend on which surgical techniques are being applied. Every patient has different needs, which means some may require minor skin corrections, fat grafting, or breast lifting techniques.

The procedure will be performed under general anaesthesia. An incision is usually made across the inframammary crease (the crease under the breast) before the implant is removed. If the implant is being replaced, the new implant will generally be inserted into a new pocket beneath the skin, as this will reduce the chances of infection and malposition. Immediately after surgery, your incisions will be dressed and pain medication will be prescribed.

Your new breast shape and size will be immediately discernible after surgery. Although motivations for undergoing breast revision procedures vary widely, the results are similar; patients achieve a more desirable breast appearance whilst eliminating complications associated with old or otherwise compromised implants.

Risks and complications

Successful breast revision surgery can rectify issues from past surgeries and leave you with a more desirable breast shape or size. However, despite the overwhelming success of the procedure, all surgeries carry risks. Discussing these risks with your surgeon is essential to ensure you have realistic expectations and are fully informed.

Some degree of redness and swelling is expected after breast revision surgery. This should subside within a couple of weeks. The degree of surgical success depends on how the individual’s body responds to surgery and recovery. Great results are expected but not guaranteed, and the resulting scar may differ slightly from the scar following the original implant insertion.

After the procedure, you must wear a specially prescribed surgical bra to reduce strain on the breasts and ease the healing process. This should be worn for at least four weeks, depending on the specifics of the surgery. Post-operative swelling and incision lines will subside over time, and your prescribed pain relief medication will lessen any pain or discomfort. After three or four months, your breasts will settle into their final shape and appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for abdominoplasty surgery?
The best candidates for abdominoplasty surgery patients are those who are fit, have already achieved any weight loss goals. Abdominoplasty surgery is not a substitute for diet and exercise and can be associated with increased risks in patients who are overweight or obese. Women who are planning future pregnancies should also delay abdominoplasty surgery.
How much does breast reconstruction surgery cost?
The cost for breast reconstruction is determined by the extent and complexity of the procedure, as well as surgeon costs, anaesthetist fees, hospital fees, and post-operative recovery costs. Because of its reconstructive nature, a portion of the procedure costs may be covered by Medicare or your private health insurer, but you will need to check what criteria you must meet to be eligible.
What is recovery from breast revision like?
Recovery from breast revision surgery will be similar to the recovery experienced following the initial implant procedure. It is recommended that you minimise strenuous activity and exercise after surgery. You should also avoid wearing underwire bras to facilitate proper healing of the underlying breast tissue.

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