Dr Alaina Taylor

  • B.Med. Sci (Hons)
  • MBBS (Hons)
  • FRACS (Plastic Surgery)

Plastic surgery is the discipline of specialised surgery.

Dr Alaina Taylor is a female Specialist Plastic Surgeon and a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) practising in Sydney, New South Wales.

Born and raised in Sydney, Dr Taylor attended Abbotsleigh Girls School and completed her medical degree (MBBS Honours) at the University of Sydney. After completing her internship and residency at Concord Repatriation General Hospital, she embarked on 8 years of advanced surgical training with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. This included 3 years of General Surgery throughout Sydney and rural NSW and 5 years of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr Taylor is qualified in all areas of Plastic Surgery and specialises in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for the breast, body and face, skin cancer surgery and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. In 2019, Dr Taylor visited the Leon Bérard Cancer Centre in Lyon, France, to learn advanced fat grafting and breast reconstruction techniques with Dr Emmanuel Delay, the President of the French Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and a world pioneer in fat grafting. She is one of the very few female Plastic Surgeon’s in Sydney offering the full range of breast reconstruction techniques.

Dr Taylor worked as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Westmead Public Hospital for 2.5 years, where she performed complex cancer and trauma reconstruction for the breast, head and neck, upper and lower limbs, skin cancer, maxillofacial, and hand surgery. Dr Taylor now works exclusively in private practice, consulting and operating in North Sydney and Westmead.

Dr Taylor has a genuine and approachable manner. Dr Taylor is caring, compassionate and always has the patient’s best interests at heart. Dr Taylor aims to provide knowledgeable advice and professional surgical outcomes based on her experience and training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between fat transfer and fillers?
As opposed to synthetic fillers, the process of a fat transfer keeps the fat cells permanently where they are placed. They use a person’s own fat tissue for injection, rather than filler materials.
Am I a good candidate for abdominoplasty surgery?
The best candidates for abdominoplasty surgery patients are those who are fit, have already achieved any weight loss goals. Abdominoplasty surgery is not a substitute for diet and exercise and can be associated with increased risks in patients who are overweight or obese. Women who are planning future pregnancies should also delay abdominoplasty surgery.
How much does breast reconstruction surgery cost?
The cost for breast reconstruction is determined by the extent and complexity of the procedure, as well as surgeon costs, anaesthetist fees, hospital fees, and post-operative recovery costs. Because of its reconstructive nature, a portion of the procedure costs may be covered by Medicare or your private health insurer, but you will need to check what criteria you must meet to be eligible.
What is recovery from breast revision like?
Recovery from breast revision surgery will be similar to the recovery experienced following the initial implant procedure. It is recommended that you minimise strenuous activity and exercise after surgery. You should also avoid wearing underwire bras to facilitate proper healing of the underlying breast tissue.

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